Hot Topic: Tax Tips

Calling all accountants, bookkeepers and budgeting experts.

As the 2019/20 financial year ends this week, tax and money matters are top of mind.

What’s more, with the ATO introducing COVID-19 initiatives, we all want to know how to make the most of the incentives both to wrap up the year and make the most of them moving forward into the new financial year.

The media is tuned into what people are thinking about therefore they will want to be producing content on the topic.

In today’s #magnifymondaymoment video, I explain exactly how to go about approaching business/finance journalists with your expertise on the topic.

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3 Tips to get your story on TV

Do you want to get your story on TV? I can help you with that!

In today’s #magnifymondaymoment video I explain the 3 key things that producers look for when putting together a store for TV.

If you provide them with these 3 things and your story adds value and engages their audience, you have a great chance of getting the TV exposure you deserve.

Getting your story on TV is not only amazing exposure, it goes a great way to increase the trust and credibility of your brand.

#entrepreneur #media #TV

Want a journalist’s attention? Here’s my No.1 tip!

Do you want to know my number 1 tip to getting a journalist’s attention?

With less journalists at the helm and more stories to cover, they are busier than ever.

However, if you have a story that’s perfect for their audience, you still have a great chance of getting media exposure.

But only if you pitch to them using this technique.

In today’s #magnifymondaymoment video, I explain what that technique is.

Here is the example of the Financial Review article I refer to in the video:

#thoughtleadership #expert #media

Enhance your Zoom meetings: Corona Comedy

Do you wish a comedian could join your work meetings to liven things up a bit?

Well, now you can with Mark David’s Corona Comedy.

In today’s video, I explain exactly what Mark’s business
Stand up Comedians is offering.

WordStorm PR is helping him publicise this great offering and am thrilled to say, it was featured on Weekend Sunrise yesterday.

You can check out the segment here:

It’s worth noting, within 3 hours of the story being put on Sunrise’s Facebook page it had 16.8K views. This is when traditional and social media work to superpower a brand’s visibility and credibility.

#comedy #pivot #zoom


Have you been caught up in hashtag toiletpapergate? And I’m not talking about stocking up on ridiculous amounts of toilet paper.

I’m talking about having a media mindset and using this crazy situation to your advantage by offering the media your expertise on what the BEEP is going on here.

In today’s hashtag magnifymondaymoment video I outline which industries could be having a field day in the media right now, offering their take on hashtag toiletpapergate.

I didn’t even mention the security industry in my video however I noticed on the weekend that Daniel Lewkovitz, who heads up Calamity Monitoring was interviewed on Sky Business News on the topic.

So how can you contribute your expertise to a topic that is continuing to escalate in the news? expert thoughtleader

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