Coffee Conversations for Intl Coffee Day

Are you in the business of coffee?

On 1st October it’s International Coffee Day and a great opportunity to gain mass media exposure for your coffee related business.

3 angle ideas include:

– coffee trends over the years
– how your cafe has survived or thrived through COVID
– fair trade coffee

I give a further 3 angle ideas in today’s #magnifymondaymoment video.

Do your barista friends a favour and share this video with them.

Cappuccino anyone? I think its that time of the morning – ahhh.

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Great exposure starts with ABC

Would you like to be featured on an ABC news site?

There’s good reason to put effort into this, as according to the latest Nielson Digital Ratings ABC new sites came in at number 1.

In today’s #magnifymondaymoment video I describe my 3 step process to magnify your message on the ABC.

I also let you know the email format so that you’ll be able to email any of the journalist’s from the site/s.

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How to Create an Attention Grabbing Headline

What’s in a #headline?

Well, it could be the difference between you getting the opportunity to magnify your message on TV and other mass media outlets or NOT.

Journalists are busy people and have no end of experts and business owners like yourself, vying for their attention.

In today’s #magnifymondaymoment video, I’ll explain exactly how to go about writing a headline that will capture a journalist’s attention.

Aside from media, this is also useful info if you want to get cut through with all your content creation including blogs, videos, whitepapers etc.

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What does the future of your industry look like?

Do you have an opinion about what the future of your industry looks like?

If so, you have a great opportunity to secure some great media exposure as this is a hot topic right now.

This opportunity applies to many industries, and in particular those that affect a large portion of the population.

In today’s #magnifymondaymoment video, I explain how to go about taking your opinion and communicating it to the media in order to get cut through.

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How to structure a media pitch

Do you sometimes read your favourite online news site and think, “I have expertise I’d love to share but I don’t know where to start?”
In today’s video,

I explain 3 tips to structure an email pitch to a journalist.

This is the technique we use to repeatedly get our clients in mainstream headlines which develops the trust and credibility of their business.
What do you have of value to amplify through the media and share with a large audience?
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Use the power of storytelling to inspire, motivate action and create deeper connection with your teams, clients and prospects.

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