PR Misconceptions 3

My name is Monica Rosenfeld and I’m the founder of WordStorm PR. Over four weeks I’m creating short videos that address the misconceptions that I hear from business owners all the time about magnifying their message in the media.

The misconception I’m going to address today is that you have to be the founder of Uber or some equally famous brand. For a journalist to be interested in featuring your business in the media this is simply not true.

Journalists are looking for content that will add value to and engage their audience. So if you can provide them with this information even if you’re not yet a household name you have a really good chance of getting a look in. Sometimes journalists even prefer to feature lesser known brands than huge high profile names where everyone already knows their story.

Now you might be thinking your content is just not interesting enough to capture a journalist’s attention. This is simply not true. Your expertise may not seem as interesting to you because you eat live and breathe it every day but other people out there don’t know your knowledge and they can learn from it and media are attracted to people who can share valuable information.

So this week I’d like to challenge you to think about your own business and think about valuable content and information that you can share that will add value to the audience if various media outlets.

Magnify your message through the media and enjoy the bucket loads of credibility and brand trust that you’ll get along the way. Good luck and I’ll see you next week.

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