How to use ‘Awareness Days’ to get media coverage

My name is Monica Rosenfeld. I’m a professional speaker and the founder of WordStorm PR. And today I’m going to be sharing with you a really strong angle that you can use to make your content newsworthy and appealing to a journalist who is looking for content that adds value to their audience. This is ‘awareness days’.

If you haven’t noticed there’s an awareness day, week or month of the year for just about any topic you can imagine. In October alone we have ‘Dogtober’, ‘Foot Health Month’, ‘Gardening Month’ and then the first week of October, it’s ‘Sleep Awareness Week’ and that’s just to name a few. There are many many more. Now the idea is that is what you’re going to hang your angle and your expertise on the fact that it’s an awareness day and pitch that to the journalists. Journalists want to run content about awareness days because they want to report on what is going on in the world. So if you tell them that in the first of October, or the first week of October it’s ‘Sleep Awareness Week’ and you can talk about that using your expertise, you’ve got a really good chance of getting picked up just like our client a leadership expert is being snapped up by TV, radio and online news sites for her expertise in this area.

We get our clients on mainstream press all the time using awareness days. Whether it’s a health client whether it’s a senior client whatever it is we use those days to get them out there showcasing their expertise and journalists want that sort of content.

So how do you find these awareness days? Like with everything, good old Google. There are many many calendars that will tell you all the different days and awareness months throughout the year both for Australia and internationally and by the way you can also use international days. So the one that we use a lot is, but there are many many more.

So I challenge you to think about your industry and which Awareness Day can you tied into. I have no doubt you’ll come up with at least one. I’m sure you come up with two or three and if you tried really hard you could probably come up with about five.

I’d love to know how you go. Let me know if you’ve ever used this before to get yourself in the media. Feel free to ask me any questions as always and I look forward to seeing you next week.

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